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“An index is a good option to analyze markets, to show the investors what are market trends and how they can adapt their business decisions to the general trends that are occurring.

There are a lot of stock indexes that can be traded by representing this way companies nationally, regionally, globally, and even by industry.”


allows its Customers to trade on CFDs regarding their favorite Indexes, such as Dow Jones, CAC40, DAX30 and many more. 

If you are keen on CAC40 index, then CFD CAC40 is made for you. You carefully listen to new Paris Stock Exchange announcements and if you think the CAC40 index will go up, then issue a Buy transaction and if your forecast is right, then you immediately make earnings.


  • No commissions!
  • No expiry!
  • Great leverage (small margin
  • requirments).
  • Technical tools to analyze the market.
  • Trading 24/5.
  • Endless liquidity.
S&P 5001.5$10:1
DOW 301.5$10:1
NSDQ 1001.5$10:1
CAC 401.5$10:1
DAX 301.5$10:1
FTSE 1001.5$10:1
NIKKEI 2251.5$10:1
SMI (Swiss)1.5$10:1
MSCI (Taiwan)1.5$10:1
USDX (US Dollar Index)1.5$10:1
NIFTY (India)1.5$10:1